Hands, Arms, Faces and Hair

Roselina Hung - Cradling (sketch) - 2015
Cradling (sketch) – 2015

Things have been a bit quiet. I had to take some time off in March and only just got back into the studio this past week. I’ve been busy preparing for a couple of group exhibitions in May in Vancouver. But first, I wanted to share some preliminary drawings I’ve been working on. These are only sketches that I will be using to create the final piece(s). It is a slow process. Oftentimes when we see artworks, we don’t realize all the work that goes into the preparation. All the sketches, set up, failed attempts and do overs. We only see the final product that the artist is allowing us to see.

Here is a sneak peek of some drawings. Works in progress…

Roselina Hung - Pull (sketch) - 2015
Pull (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Wrist Hold (sketch) - 2015
Wrist Hold (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Hair Pull (sketch) - 2015
Hair Pull (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Hair Fall (sketch) - 2015
Hair Fall (sketch) – 2015
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