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Liger, Liger, Burning Bright

Exhibition View – Of Myth and Men – Initial Gallery (photo: Byron Dauncey)
Exhibition View – Of Myth and Men – Initial Gallery (photo: Byron Dauncey)

My exhibition Of Myth and Men, at Initial Gallery, came down a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve now had the time to digest everything. Thank you to everyone who came out to see my solo show. The exhibition’s opening night and artist talk were both well attended, and there was a steady stream of traffic throughout the run of the show. It’s always interesting to hear what others think of my work, and on a few occasions, I met people at the gallery who talked to me about their experience of my work. One of the great things about showing at a gallery with high visibility is that the walk-in traffic varies so much from young to old, students to artists, locals to tourists. I found the ones who asked the hardest questions were often the youngest children! They weren’t inhibited by anything and would ask question after question, dissecting the work with their curious minds.

Exhibition view – Of Myth and Men – Initial Gallery (photo: Byron Chauncey)
Exhibition view – Of Myth and Men – Initial Gallery (photo: Byron Chauncey)

I spend months, if not years, creating a series of work in my studio, and I often feel anxious to get the work outside of the studio, so that it can be seen by people. While creating the art, it’s a very private and personal experience, as I’m in my quiet studio working alone, one on one with the painting. Putting it out in the public can be both nerve wracking and liberating. Once it’s out there, it’s out there to do its own thing. And it’s out there to be seen. And on this occasion, it was seen and chosen to be featured on the cover of the new summer issue of Ricepaper magazine.

Liger, Liger on the Fall 2014 issue of Ricepaper magazine
Liger, Liger on the Fall 2014 issue of Ricepaper magazine

Liger, Liger (Chimera) was chosen for the front cover of the newest issue of Ricepaper magazine. Ricepaper is a quarterly Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literature, culture, and the arts since 1994. You can find Ricepaper in stores across Canada.

This issue is also available to purchase online here.


Next up, I’m busy preparing for my two-person show in Calgary at The New Gallery this October. This will include an artist talk at the University of Calgary, and I will be in attendance for the opening night. I will post more details on this show soon.

Of Myth and Men – Extended


I’m very happy to announce that my solo exhibition, Of Myth and Men, has been extended. You can now see the show until July 19th at Initial Gallery in Vancouver.

The Calm Before the Storm

The front window at Initial Gallery
The front window at Initial Gallery

Tomorrow is the opening night for my solo show, Of Myth and Men. Everything is hung, the paintings are lit…the work is ready to be seen. Finally! After four years of research, planning, and lots of work, I’m ready to show my paintings and am very excited for people’s reactions.

The calm before the storm…I dropped off my paintings at Initial Gallery this Sunday. Later that night, I was woken up by an extremely boisterous thunderstorm. I pictured the clouds in my paintings, with a storm looming overhead and took that as a good omen. The sound of the thunder was so loud, it was both a little frightening but also very exciting. Kind of like how I feel about the upcoming opening! It’s a bit scary to release these paintings out into the world. There is something very personal about revealing your artwork to the public, not unlike revealing something intimate about yourself to strangers, especially when you don’t know what the reaction will be. But it’s also very exciting at the same time.

This past week has seen plenty of buzz already for the exhibition, with lots of attention in the local press. Here are some of the highlights:


Inside Vancouver’s Shawn Conner writes, “Roselina Hung’s exhibit at Initial Gallery will strike a chord with people who like their art with a pop-art, postmodern sensibility.” Read more here.



The Georgia Straight’s Janet Smith writes, “We can’t wait to see rising Vancouver painter Roselina Hung’s Of Myth and Men show at the Initial Gallery, a whimsical, colour-soaked blend of art and personal history”. Read more here.


The Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Courier have both chosen my exhibition as a must-see this week:





WestEnder Vancouver’s Kelsey Klassen does a Q&A with me about my  paintings and exhibition. You can read the full interview here.


If you are in Vancouver, I hope you will join me tomorrow night at the opening. I will also be taking part in this weekend’s South Granville Art Walk, giving an artist talk at Initial Gallery at 2 PM this Saturday. Hope to see you all there.



The start of a week long process...
The start of a week long process…

I’m having to practice a lot of patience these days. I’m currently counting down to my solo exhibition, which I’m very excited about. Of Myth and Men is a series of paintings that has been in the works for almost 4 years now. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working on these paintings for so long already. I’ve slowly been working on them in between different projects, so it is both exciting and a little bit daunting to think that they will finally be exhibited in a gallery! These paintings really tested my patience, oftentimes becoming painstaking to create. The floral patterns are actually the most time consuming part of each painting, and every time I sit down to start a section of floral pattern, I take a deep breath because I know I’m going to be there for hours on end, doing very small, detailed brushwork.

The gorgons at week's end
The gorgons at week’s end

For the final painting in this series, Medusa & Her Mortal Sisters, I decided I was going to go all out and create a showstopper that captured the essence of the entire project. While I was planning the piece, I remember thinking I was slightly crazy to try to paint this snake pattern all weaving in and out in a giant knot. But I had a clear vision of how it should be and wanted to create what I imagined, so I set about working slowly on this painting. I gave myself plenty of time to finish before the final preparations for the show began, and sure enough, this last painting took over two months to complete. But I’m very happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to see it up on the wall at Initial Gallery. I like this painting so much I chose it for the postcard invitation.

My trusty palette, brushes and knife - tools of the trade!
My trusty palette, brushes and knife – tools of the trade!

The interesting thing about working on this series for 4 years is how much the work has changed over the years, and where these paintings have taken me. I actually created a couple of paintings in Banff during an artist residency there, and another one in Ox-Bow during another residency. I’ve also moved around and worked in 4 different studios during that time. And I think a lot of that change and movement in my life influenced these works.

Snakes & Ladders (Orpheus & Eurydice) - detail
Snakes & Ladders (Orpheus & Eurydice) – detail

The work also developed and moved from canvas to wood panel. Looking back at the ones created on canvas…there is a different feel to them, but I can’t really say I prefer one over the other. Painting on the wood was much smoother and allowed for greater detail, but the texture of the canvas also gives the painting another element.

The Gravity of Venus (detail)
The Gravity of Venus (detail)

These next couple of weeks will be mostly about trying to get the word out about this show. The paintings are finished, varnished, and just waiting to be hung. And so now I play the waiting game…


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