the way we were


As the pendulum swings

The Pendulum Gallery is a great unique space for public art in Vancouver.  It was created by the City of Vancouver Cultural Planning Department to enhance the experience of living and working downtown and is situated across the street from the Vancouver Art Gallery.  The Pendulum Gallery is under a tall 7-story glass covered atrium, which allows plenty of natural sunlight in and also allows passersby to see the work from the street.  Above the gallery swings Alan Storey’s kinetic “Broken Column” pendulum sculpture, providing a dramatic setting for the artwork below.  Being in the centre of downtown is also a definite bonus, as the amount of foot traffic walking through the building and on the street means that a lot more people see the artwork than if it were in a conventional gallery.

As promised, here are some photos of the gallery space and exhibition:



The Way We Were

The Way We Were is officially open to the public, and the exhibition is already getting press attention.  The show got a mention in The Province newspaper as one of today’s “things to do today”.  Hans Ongsansoy of The Province writes:

An underrated gallery hosts an underrated exhibit, this one by UBC graduate Chinese-Canadian artist Roselina Hung. Her bright, intense, pop-flavoured oil paintings play off the exhibit’s title: The subjects of the pieces evoke a certain nostalgia. But the interesting part is that it’s a false nostalgia, meant to comment on how the past can be skewed and fed to you as false memories through the power of mass media. Maybe that’s why the piece Summer Romance 4 looks like a scene where Johnny Depp is making out with Marilyn Monroe. It never could have happened but, if presented to you with just the right touch of persuasion (in a slickly produced commercial, let’s say), you might be convinced to maybe wish it did.

I have also updated my website as there are quite a few new paintings in this show, and you can see them on my website here.

Lastly, while we were setting up yesterday, I took the liberty of taking some photos of the space.  I know that not everyone will be able to make it to the show in Vancouver, so I wanted to show what the space looks like and the different scales of work in this exhibition.  This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek video of the exhibition.  You’ll need to have your speakers on for this one, as the music and lyrics does a surprisingly good job at summing up the exhibition and my artist statement.  Thanks Babs!

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