There is a huge windstorm in Reykjavik today. The sound of the wind kept me up all night. Instead of letting it get the better out of my day and me, I decided to harness the wind…

Eating the blues

Still from "Eating the Blues"

I’m well into the last week of my residency now at Ox-Bow and am working on a few different projects before cleaning up my studio.  Here’s one project that I just worked on yesterday. There is this amazing building here called the Old Inn, and there are old bedrooms where students stay here during the summer.  The rooms are all really unique, painted shades of blue, green and yellow and filled with furniture painted blue.  I wanted to do some photography in these rooms and see where things might go while working in the specific space, letting that dictate where the work went instead of going in with a plan.  I ended up making this short video:

eating the blues from Roselina Hung on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Emily Bowser & Lauren Ruth for their help on this!

Interview with Chris Tyrell

Here’s a short interview that I did with Chris Tyrell, who has an Art Marketing Blog and is a writer based in Vancouver.  The interview was done during the Eastside Culture Crawl, which took place last November.  Many thanks to Chris and David Cooper for putting this together.

It’s always strange seeing and hearing myself on camera…I’m not very used to doing interviews.  Or seeing myself on video. Last weekend, my fellow Love residents and me had to watch ourselves on video singing love songs a capella and it was so weird for me to see myself on a big TV screen…watching this in front of everyone.  My face turned bright red and stayed that way for about half an hour!  Everyone else was a video artist or had worked in video before, so they were more used to seeing themselves on camera.  But not me!

More pictures are coming soon of work I’m doing in Banff.  I can’t believe I’ve already been here for 5 weeks…2 weeks left and counting down now.

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