Hands, Arms, Faces and Hair

Roselina Hung - Cradling (sketch) - 2015
Cradling (sketch) – 2015

Things have been a bit quiet. I had to take some time off in March and only just got back into the studio this past week. I’ve been busy preparing for a couple of group exhibitions in May in Vancouver. But first, I wanted to share some preliminary drawings I’ve been working on. These are only sketches that I will be using to create the final piece(s). It is a slow process. Oftentimes when we see artworks, we don’t realize all the work that goes into the preparation. All the sketches, set up, failed attempts and do overs. We only see the final product that the artist is allowing us to see.

Here is a sneak peek of some drawings. Works in progress…

Roselina Hung - Pull (sketch) - 2015
Pull (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Wrist Hold (sketch) - 2015
Wrist Hold (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Hair Pull (sketch) - 2015
Hair Pull (sketch) – 2015
Roselina Hung - Hair Fall (sketch) - 2015
Hair Fall (sketch) – 2015

Nose to the Grindstone

Busy finishing up my final painting for my solo exhibition
Busy finishing up my final painting for my solo exhibition

It seems fitting that as soon as I’ve finished working in the studio on my Of Myth and Men paintings, the sunshine has come out and spring is fully here in Vancouver. It actually feels a bit like summer – it’s so warm! I’m thankful that I’ve finished just in time to catch a bit of sunshine (and enjoy real flowers instead of painted ones) before heading back into my little studio. I’ve got to hide away from the tempting sunshine to do a bit more work before my show next month.

A work-in-progress shot...
A work-in-progress shot…

I’ve been busy in the studio finishing up paintings for my upcoming solo exhibition at Initial Gallery. It’s hard to believe but this show has been almost 4 years in the making! I’ve slowly been working on these paintings between other projects and exhibitions, and I can’t wait to see all the work up together. I’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks about the show, with sneak peeks and other tidbits, but in the meantime I thought I would share some progress shots of paintings that I’ve been working on in the past few months.

Lots of new patterns
Lots of new patterns

Working in my studio, I’ve always got one or two paintings on the go, but because of the constraint in space, most of the other paintings are all wrapped up and tucked away. So in many ways, the big unveiling of the work in June to the public will also, in some ways, be a bit of an unveiling for myself too. I’m really excited to see the work displayed all together, so that I can take them all in visually at the same time.

My obsession with hands continues...
My obsession with hands continues…

This will also be my first solo exhibition of paintings in Vancouver since my 2009 exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery. I’ve been busy since then, traveling to different residencies and working on other projects, but it’s always been nice to return to working on my Of Myth and Men paintings. And I needed the time to work on them until I was satisfied with them as a whole. So I hope you’ll join me next month for the opening of my exhibition on June 19th. I will also be doing an artist talk at the gallery that weekend, with more details of both the show and artist talk to follow on my website and blog in the upcoming weeks.

And more hands

Playing Catch Up

Setting up in my new studio
Setting up in my new studio

August has proven to be a busy month! Usually things slow down a bit in the summer, but this year lots has been happening, with the drawing exhibition at Dynamo to painting commissions to moving studios. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and catch my breath yet, but there is still too much to do. I’m looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off in September, but in the meantime, it’s good to be busy with art!

The print launch of “Love Is Touching Souls” went really well this past weekend, and I was featured on a couple of websites promoting it and my work.  The first one was Canadian Art, which listed the print launch as a Must-See chosen from art openings occurring last week across Canada.


Secondly, I was interviewed by Alex Quicho of Vancouver Is Awesome blog, for their art feature, THE OPENING. It was a fun interview about the print edition, my past and current work, astrology and myths, and high school matchmaking services. The interview can be read on the VIA website here.


Lastly, I’ve moved studios – which was a small but big endeavour as I didn’t realize just how much work I’ve accumulated over the years and how many materials and sketchbooks and loose papers I have. I moved into the studio at the beginning of this month and have started working in it already, and it’s great to be in a studio setting again.

A slightly distorted view of my clean studio - before work started in it.
A slightly distorted view of my clean studio – before work started in it.

For the past two years, with going on residencies and traveling around, I was working from a home studio. Now that I’m all set up in my new space, I’ve been busy with studio visits and working on new paintings and ideas for future works and exhibitions.

Roselina Hung - work in progress
Roselina Hung – work in progress
Working on smaller pieces at my studio desk.
Working on smaller pieces at my studio desk.

Also, I’ve joined Instagram, where I’ve been posting photos from my studio and of works in progress. You can follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to in the studio, but more importantly, photos of my mother’s dog.



Here’s another drawing I’ve just finished working on. A new study for some future work….

Roselina Hung - Virgo, coloured pencil on paper, 11" x 14" (2013)
Roselina Hung – Virgo, coloured pencil on paper, 11″ x 14″ (2013)
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