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Inside Vancouver’s Shawn Conner has written about my exhibition Of Myth and Men, which opens next Thursday, June 19th, at Initial Gallery.

Conner writes, “For her new series Of Myth and Men, [Roselina Hung] draws on her own personal history by inserting herself into scenes evoking Greek myth and even the Old Testament. Joining Hung in the paintings are other figures, meant to represent people in her life. But, to add a further element of absurdity to the tableaux, most of the figures are male – and wearing animal masks.

The result is a series of thought-provoking images that are also eye-popping. The paintings not only draw on stories from the collective unconscious, but they also bring together disparate aesthetic elements – pools of black, patterns that at first look like they have been applied rather than painted, backgrounds featuring cloudy skyscapes and tilted horizon lines, realistic human figures with animal heads. On first glance, the oil paintings – on canvas and wood – look like collage.”

To read more, please visit Inside Vancouver’s website.

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