An Act or Instance of Wandering

Roselina Hung - The Field of Ruins (Pink), Oil and linen on canvas, 12x16 in, 2016.
Roselina Hung – The Field of Ruins (Pink), Oil and linen on canvas, 12 x 16 in, 2016.

I imagine this is probably the same in most cities: having to move artist studios every few years.

I’ve moved studios every couple of years, and each time it doesn’t get any easier. Sometimes I moved because a shared studio space wasn’t working out anymore, other times because the studio was going to get torn down for new developments. And each time there’s a certain amount of stress of trying to find a new fit, followed by the actual act of moving all of my art work and supplies.

The new studio search can feel like I have all my art belongings in my arms and I’m wandering the city to find it a new home. This past December I  was lucky to move to Gene Studios, which is part of an artist community in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver.


Next Friday, I will be taking part in ROVE, an art walk through Mount Pleasant that takes visitors through 8 different art spaces open for one night to the public. From 6 to 10 pm, people can visit different galleries and artist studios.  Gene Studios houses many different studios, so come say hi while you check out all the different artists here.


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