A Skewed Point of View

Looking into the neighbour's backyard - 1989

I was going through some old photographs for the Domogeneous Q&A interview, and I found these photos that I took when I was eight or nine.  It was a fashion shoot that I did with my younger sister and my little cousin.  I remember they got all dressed up in their fashion outfits (you gotta love the 80s!), and we did the photo shoot in our backyard.  I had this dinky pink camera that was a point and shoot…I still remember, it was narrow and flat in this sugary Pepto-Bismol pink colour with a turquoise blue shutter button.  I think there were some  random purple plastic parts thrown in there for good measure too.  Anyway, not many of the photos actually came out from that day.  But the ones that did…well looking at them now, I guess I was already very interested in playing with composition and skewed horizon lines.  It’s just interesting to see that I was doing that at nine-years-old, and here I am at thirty, revisiting the past.

Judith's Reprise (2010)

And pose! *click* (1989)
Thy Preying Hands (Leda & The Swan) (2011)

The Painted Lovers – Part II

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Here are some photos of the painted lovers, completed.

The piece measures 30″ x 15″ x 1.5″


Banff: Love + Revolution 2011

Last night, the artists from the Love residency got together for a project that I started a week ago.  Basically, we were writing a Harlequin Romance novel, Exquisite Corpse style, where each person wrote one chapter and passed it onto the next person, only revealing one chapter at a time.  The big reveal was last night, when we all read our chapters out loud.  It was hilarious and fun, and I’m so glad that we all worked on this together.  I’m planning on putting the chapters together as a zine  for everyone that took part, and it will serve as a fun reminder of our time here at Banff, which is quickly coming to a close.  I’m getting misty eyed just thinking about it.

We each had to read our own chapters...I was the first to go.

There are some photos on our Tumblr blog for those interested.  The link is here.

Love & Loss

Buddy (1997 - 2010)

On Friday evening, I went through the hardest part of being a dog owner – having to say goodbye to my dog, Buddy.  In the 13 years he spent with my family, he helped us through some of the most difficult times in our lives and brought us much happiness and comfort.  Whether it was through sad times of illness and heartbreak or happy times of celebration, he was always with us, and for that, we will forever be thankful that he found his way to us.  My mother used to say that it was fate that Buddy became our dog, because when we first went to pick a puppy, we had chosen a small female puppy, but when it came time to picking up the dog to bring home, the breeder said that someone had returned a puppy, an unwanted Christmas present, and that’s when we first met Buddy, a rambunctious little Maltese that we instantly fell in love with.  He was a cheerful addition to our family, and we couldn’t help but smile whenever we saw him.

Buddy - The Maltese with attitude

Being a part of the family, it was only a matter of time before Buddy made it into my paintings.  I sometimes think he steals the spotlight in my self-portrait, She wanted to do more than just pass, which I think captures his character and attitude very well!

Funny Buddy, you will be missed…

It’s amazing how much love one can have for a dog and how much pain one feels at the loss of a beloved pet.  While the feelings of grief are difficult, I am so grateful for all of the memories I have with my little Buddy and I will cherish those always.  Rest in peace, Buddy…  You were the best dog in the world, and I love you.  See you again, someday.

A Contemporary Woman – Paris to London to Vancouver

I will be taking part in my first live auction coming up next week. I’m very excited as I’ve never had any work in an auction, let alone a live auction, so I’m not sure what to expect! The auction and event will be held at Maynards Fine Art & Antiques in Vancouver, in their beautiful new spacious showroom on Main Street. Maynards was the presenting sponsor for the Vancouver Art Gallery’s summer blockbuster show that has just closed, The Modern Woman.

The Contemporary Woman
The Contemporary Woman

Maynards auction is titled The Contemporary Woman and will be held on September 22nd, at 5:30pm (live auction starts at 6:15pm).

I will be auctioning three paintings – one portrait and two smaller paintings that will be auctioned as a pair – from my La Melodie de la Nostalgie series. These paintings were originally painted in 2005 for an exhibition titled Location/Locality when I was living in London, UK. The inspiration for the work, however, was my time in Paris, France in 2001. I was already interested in themes of nostalgia, and this series was unique in that it was my interpretation of someone else’s memories, or rather, how I hoped someone else remembered me during those times in Paris. The titles for each work place the event in a time and place and with a song lyric-like title – hence the title for the series, La Melodie de la Nostalgie, which translates into “The Melody of Nostalgia”.

Chez toi, March 2001 - "It must have been the red" (Private Collection)

A few of the paintings from this series sold while from the original exhibition, and the ones that are for auction are the ones that traveled back with me to Vancouver. It is hard to see in the photographs, but the paintings are done in both oil and acrylic. The portrait aspect is painted in thin layers of oil, so there is a transparent effect to it. These were meant to be “real” like photographs, whereas the backgrounds, which are the locate the events, were painted in acrylic interference paint. Acrylic interference paint are colourless, transparent paints made from titanium coated mica flakes and from afar they are lost in the background. On closer inspection, however, the colours have a metallic look and shift colour, depending on the viewing angel. The effect is very difficult to photograph, but appears similar to the colours displayed in an oil slick floating on water.

The backgrounds are fantasy like and surreal, floating in and out of view.

Saint-Germain-des-Pres, February 2001 - "A matter of complication"

This painting, which will be part of the auction, is a self-portrait on the platform of the Saint-Germain-des-Pres Metro station in Paris – the tunnel and train tracks can be made out on the right of the painting with the “METRO” sign at the upper right.

Chez moi, July 2001 - "Am I only..."
Chez moi, July 2001 - "...just one you love"

These two paintings, which are being auctioned as a diptych, are a pair and meant to be hung one above the other. These were some of my first examples of pattern work finding their way into my art.

For more information on the auction, please visit the Maynards event listing. All the works will also be open for viewing this Saturday, September 18, at the Maynards showroom.

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