A Skewed Point of View

Looking into the neighbour's backyard - 1989

I was going through some old photographs for the Domogeneous Q&A interview, and I found these photos that I took when I was eight or nine.  It was a fashion shoot that I did with my younger sister and my little cousin.  I remember they got all dressed up in their fashion outfits (you gotta love the 80s!), and we did the photo shoot in our backyard.  I had this dinky pink camera that was a point and shoot…I still remember, it was narrow and flat in this sugary Pepto-Bismol pink colour with a turquoise blue shutter button.  I think there were some  random purple plastic parts thrown in there for good measure too.  Anyway, not many of the photos actually came out from that day.  But the ones that did…well looking at them now, I guess I was already very interested in playing with composition and skewed horizon lines.  It’s just interesting to see that I was doing that at nine-years-old, and here I am at thirty, revisiting the past.

Judith's Reprise (2010)

And pose! *click* (1989)
Thy Preying Hands (Leda & The Swan) (2011)
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