Drawings & Paintings

I have just finished updating and rearranging my website, and I have also added pictures of the new painting and drawing that I’ve been working on this past month.

Here are the previews below:

Mash-Up Girl 2 - detail
Mash Up Girl 2 - detail
Judith's Reprise - detail
Judith's Reprise - detail
Judith's Reprise - detail

To see the work in full, please visit my website www.roselinahung.com

I’m looking forward to exploring this drawing in a new painting.  This drawing was both prepatory and also a finished piece on its own.  I used to draw and sketch a lot with pencils, ink and oil pastels but since I started oil painting, I have been drifting away from doing finished drawings.  I sometimes forget the importance of drawing, so I’m hoping to do some more sketches.  I’ve also newly added a Sketchbook & Drawings section to my website for displaying this side of my practice which is usually hidden away in my sketchbooks.

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