Here’s a little preview of what I’m working on these days. I’m continuing with the new painting in my Of Myth and Men series, and I’ve gotten to the part that I have the most love/hate relationship with – painting the flowers/patterns. I love working with the details of the flat floral patterns, but whenever I work on one section, I have to do it all in one sitting so that the colours match throughout the section…which leads to very tired eyes. I’m happy with how the painting look, but it’ll be a couple of weeks more before I finish it, so in the meantime…here are some detail shots:

stripes & stripes
stripes & peonies
flowers & storm clouds

While I’m painting this series, I find that I work in a very methodical way in terms of what must come first, which area needs to be painted before others, etc., because I am playing with blank areas of wood panel and layering more rendered aspects of the painting with the flat graphic areas. So when I get to this stage of the painting, when I begin to paint the flowers, it’s a little bit like when flowers bloom in spring. Fitting!

"anthesis" defined

I can’t wait until the cherry blossoms erupt throughout Vancouver in the next couple of weeks. It’s one of my favourite times of year.

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