I’ve just finished setting up the exhibition, and I’m very happy with how it’s turned out!  Many thanks to David Carter and Chris Keatley at the Pendulum Gallery for their help.  Set up was pretty easy and went smoothly, and the exhibition is now ready for it’s first day tomorrow.

Installation Day

I will be updating my website with the new images as well as posting a short video on this blog for the out-of-towners so they can see what the exhibition looks like.  Be sure to check back all this week as I will be posting new videos and pictures.  And if you are in town on Thursday night, please come by for the artist reception and say hello.

As a little taster for tomorrow’s video and the first day of the exhibition, I thought I would post the original trailer for the film from which I borrowed the title to my exhibition, The Way We Were.  I just found out today that this film was the first that my parents went to see together at the cinema.  It somehow all seems very fitting.

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